Crystal Bowl Healing
Saturday, May 14, 2022, 10:00am

$15.00 cash per person- reservations required 707-539-0415 x5

Amelia and Bob have spent the past 20 years together, collecting tools to help ease and harmonize the awakening of others. Their years of experience with a variety of energy healing techniques including; shiatsu, breathwork, yoga, meditation and mindful living, are what make their work with individuals and groups so powerful. The intention with this work is to empower others to discover the Joy, Happiness and Abundance of well-being available to us all.

Amelia and Bob have been facilitating Meditative Sound Bath events in Sonoma, CA since 2017. A deep resonance and love of the crystal bowls began from a personal experience in Mt Shasta. The crystal bowls developed into a favorite tool to use with clients when they discovered the gentle yet transformational power of sound vibrations. People loved the experience and asked for more, so the Meditative Sounds Baths were born.

Meditative Sound Baths are a gentle yet transformational experience.  The sound vibrations from the crystal sound bowls move through the body and remove unwanted patterns, calm the nervous system, bring the body into coherence, and help us settle into a deep level of gratitude for all that we have and are.

May Sound Healing

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